Soya Beans Technical Information

Avoid the risk of farm saved seed and be Rewarded

Our Mission - Your Satisfaction

Here at Link Seed we have an excellent range of widely adapted cultivars. This however is only attainable with dedicated, ongoing plant breeding and research and to sustain this the annual sales of basic seed productions is imperative.

Farm saved seed is a common practice by most farmers but this can be a risk as certain important criteria should be complied to.

  • Maintaining genetic purity
  • Regular field inspections with regards to:
    • Diseases
    • Purity
    • Moisture
  • Harvest control
  • Processing (clean seed free of weeds)
  • Storage conditions (is it a registered storage facility)
  • Seed handling and to prevent mixing

Buying seed produced from basic seed annually can avoid these risks, you as a loyal client will be rewarded and we can continue supplying new improved cultivars on a regular base.

For more information on our reward program, please contact your local Link Seed representative.